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For nearly 20 years, my primary goal in life has been to make a tangible difference in the quality of life of other individuals through providing insights and resources that they can leverage.
I’m ecstatic about this newest phase in life where I can make an impact through advising other business owners (especially startups). This has been accomplished through providing invaluable marketing and sales assistance and crafting dynamic, targeted content, while also creating a strong online brand presence.
I serve as an adviser to startups and consult small to mid-size business owners on their growth strategies, then putting the wheels in motion by helping them create attainable goals. I am also co-founder of iDigitalPost, a platform that can place any brand directly into the mainstream media as a thought leader on already trending topics.
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Top 5 Tasks When Starting Your New Website
When you get a new website, you should have some tasks ready to implement. Whether you initially built the site yourself or paid someone to build the site, you might think waiting a while before you...
Top 5 Tasks When Starting Your New Website